Our vision

For us, the real driver of sustainable growth is the meaning given to projects. We help entrepreneurs build meaningful and future-oriented organizations.

Driving growth with sense


Mobilize for them the best operational expertise, in order to build sustainable, well-balanced and value-creating organizations

Being operational at the heart of business

S’investir dans le business, aux cotés des équipes, pour analyser les enjeux et être un acteur véritablement opérationnel

Build TAILORED solutions

Our accompaniment meets every need in a unique way.


International clients


For profit sector


Non profit-sector


Associates with over 20 years of expertise

Notre approche

Because the strategy makes sense only operationally and pragmatically, all our accompaniments are designed to support entrepreneurs in a way that is the closest to field realities.
Each of our accompaniement, individual or collective, is tailored to meet the strategic challenges of our customers.

Every organization, so is every mission

Every organization is unique, so is every mission

We identify needs and meet them though personalized support

Do rather than say, offer operational support
We work closely with internal teams to truly accompany them operationally.

Everyone is competent, but nobody knows everything

We bring the right expertise, at the right time, to the right project. We know our limits and call on additional or more adequate expertise when necessary

Our value is not limited to our fees

We set balanced fees, in line with the project’s issues, and consistent with the expertise provided

Our accompaniments

Each of our accompaniment, individual or collective, is tailored to meet the strategic challenges of our customers

See far away, build, mobilize, communicate

Strategic accompaniments
  • Define and guide the strategic vision, then support its concrete and operational implementation
  • Develop and guide the strategic reflection
  • Implement future plans
  • Implement forward-thinking projects
  • Strategies for change
  • Growth strategies
  • Partnerships and alliance strategies
  • Development of innovative offers
  • Funding
operational organization consulting
  • Develop individual and collective efficiency
  • Push the organization forward, optimize processes
  • Develop skills
  • Identify and recruit the best talents to meet strategic challenges
  • Structure and implement organizations
  • Change management
  • Human resources management
  • Outsourced back office activities
  • Skills and jobs management
  • Operational readability: dashboards, indicators
  • Mobilize internal stakeholders around the vision and strategy
  • Mobilize external stakeholders to serve the vision
  • Communicate the vision, define and implement the communication strategy
  • Develop awareness and visibility
  • Define or change the branding of the corporate brand or products
  • Build the internal and external communication policy
  • Define and implement the communication strategy and communications plans
  • Define the digital strategy
  • Develop awareness and visibility
  • Mobilize partners and other stakeholders

Our fields of expertise

ADVISENSE is in direct contact with entrepreneurs from all economic fields. 
By passion, and by expertise, we have developed three areas of expertise:


Healthcare, Biotechnology, Personal Care, Cosmetics

The health, biotechnology, care and cosmetics sector, in which we support strategic projects, for SMEs, groups, or other forms of entrepreneurship

Social Enterprises, Foundations, Associations

Social enterprises, foundations and associations, which we support on a wide variety of strategic topics

SME, Start-up, Groups

Organizations (SMEs, Start-Ups, Groups) whose business model is marked by strong innovation. We support them in creating human and technical value and products, in various economic sectors (in BtoB and BtoC)

Who we are?

We are a team of experienced consultants and experts in the support of entrepreneurs and organizations. We share a passion for operational work in the field and for collaborative innovation. We accompany our clients individually or in teams according to the needs of every single mission. Our commitment is always to bring to each project the most adapted expertise, which will make it succeed.

A network of consultants with an average experience of more than 20 years

Paul Caroly Advisense

Paul Caroly

Fondateur et Conseil

More than 25 years of experience in general management and support of organizations

Paul Has developed his expertise in complex and highly innovative international environments, with a particular focus on strategic vision, business development, organization and structuring (especially during growth, change and business model evolution phases).

As a senior executive and member of management committees, Paul has worked in France and the United States in leading groups and institutions: Institut Mérieux Group, Fondation Mérieux, Institut Curie, Naos Group.

Paul has a degree in Business Law (Grenoble University, then Washington University – St Louis, USA) completed by an MBA (IAE)

Paul is a director of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and personally involved in several other non-profit organizations.


Together, we go further. Advisense believes in the power of collaboration and opens to its clients a network of independent consultants to reinforce its own expertise

Béatrice Aussargueix
Human ressources Development & Quality of Work Life

Trainer Consultant in Development at BA CONSEIL RH


Philippe Burger
Industrial development Cosmetic Supply Chain

CEO & Founder of IMPC

Nicolas Bodet
Purchase Consulting

Associate at AFICOST


Hervé d’Aligny
Audit Business Strategy, Development, Innovation, Performance

Directeur de Quarré Développement


Emmanuel Fauveau web design
Emmanuel Fauveau
Web design & development, Digital strategy

Web designer, developper and creative director  at Web at Heart


Emmanuel Fauveau web design
François Gaillard
Operational support, assistance with implementation in Europe Project management Business development

CEO & Owner chez  Novian International


Florent Hyafil
Business Planning and Strategy Sales Force

Consultant specialized in the field of health and companies of the Social and Solidarity Economy

     Chantal Jacopin
Communications & events

Communications Manager on a time-sharing basis at Paris Brest Conseil


Christophe Mangholz
Audit and consulting in information systems

Founding partner


Françoise Lambert
Science Communications and training

Consultant at VLPV

Luc Meuret
Finding leaders and experts in all areas of innovation

Associate at YourVoice


Isaeblle Moreau
Communications & Fundraising

Communications consultant, community manager and fundraising consulting

Elisabeth Pilosu
Elisabeth Pilosiu
Organization & Human Ressources

Consultant & Director at Orhemco Conseil


Corinne Randu
Sales Management France-Export Timeshare
President & Fonder
at Part Time DC


Eric Schalck
Commercial, Managerial, behavioral training

at Adret Conseil


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